Benedictine Miraculous Medal 2

Welcome to Benedict’s Beads, a ladder rosary business that operates in the spirit of St. Benedict for the glory of Jesus and his holy Mother Mary.  With careful attention to detail and beauty, we desire to create beautiful rosaries that will lift the mind and heart to Almighty God through his Blessed Mother.  We do this by blending solid Catholic theology and devotion with our offerings of beads, centerpieces, medals, and crucifixes to make rosaries that can be meditations themselves.

Benedict’s Beads exclusively offers Ladder Rosaries, a special rosary style that is exceedingly beautiful and strong.  We also offer Rosary Repair and “Ladderizations.”

To see our large selection of Ladder Rosaries and chaplets, see our links below.

Build A Rosary

Benedict’s Beads takes custom orders for whatever rosary the customer may desire (within reason of course).  With our new expanded inventory, we have 85 types of beads, 23 centerpieces, 43 saint medals, and 23 crucifixes to choose from.  Coupled with the various ways that we can make the rosary, this means there are over a billion ways to … Continue reading Build A Rosary

Pre-Designed Rosaries

Don’t know what to choose?  Perhaps we can help!  We have many pre-designed rosaries to choose from that focus on a certain theme in its color choice, centerpiece, medal, and crucifix.  There are many to choose from from many different collections.  Click on the different links to see a description and examples of each type of … Continue reading Pre-Designed Rosaries


Do you love tiny rosaries?  Look no farther!  These rosaries, made with 4mm czech glass beads, are about as small as they come!  They store conveniently in your purse or pocket.  To see our selection of parts suitable for these rosaries, see the links below.

Marriage Rosary

This rosary makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a newlywed couple or for a couple celebrating an anniversary. It is designed for a married couple to pray side by side. A Marriage Rosary has two groups of five decades that unite together in a single beautiful centerpiece uniquely depicting the Miraculous Medal. Black and … Continue reading Marriage Rosary


At Benedict’s Beads we make many different chaplets our beautiful ladder style.  You can see our selection below and read about the prayers that make up each chaplet.  We can also make almost any type of chaplet you could wish, though if it requires medals it will depend on whether we can get the materials … Continue reading Chaplets

Rosary Bracelets

A perfect gift for first communions, weddings, anniversaries, etc.  Our Rosary Bracelets are built keeping the look of the rosary.  Each rosary has a centerpiece, a decade, two Our Father Beads, a crucifix and a sturdy lobster clasp.  They can be made with any of our beads and customized with more than one color if … Continue reading Rosary Bracelets

“Tenner Rosaries”

Inspired by the Irish Penal Rosary, the “Tenner Rosary” is a handy rosary that can be quickly stored or retrieved from the pocket and prayed quietly in the hand.  Made with a single Our Father bead, a decade, a medal, and a crucifix, the Tenner keeps praying the Rosary simple.  To see our gallery of … Continue reading “Tenner Rosaries”

Single Decade Rosaries

In addition to our Tenner Rosaries, we offer Single Decade Rosaries, which are a customizable type of rosary where one decade is looped and joined by a centerpiece. Below the centerpiece hangs an Our Father bead and a crucifix. These rosaries are great for pockets and can be prayed discreetly.  To place a custom order, fill … Continue reading Single Decade Rosaries

Ladderize Your Rosary

Do you have a favorite rosary, but like the ladder rosary design?  Do you have a rosary that once belonged to a loved one, but is now broken or unusable?  Perhaps you have a rosary whose parts are in poor condition but you want to continue using it.  There is a solution to this- a … Continue reading Ladderize Your Rosary

Rosary Repair

For those who need repairs on ladder rosaries that have been made by Benedict’s Beads or under our previous business name of Mediatrix Rosaries, please see our Guarantee page. For those rosaries not made by Benedict’s Beads, there are two options available- the first is a normal rosary repair, and the second is what we … Continue reading Rosary Repair

15 and 20 Decade Rosaries

These rosaries are what is considered the “complete rosary.”  Traditionally, the Rosary is composed of all of its mysteries- the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and, after John Paul II’s encyclical Rosarium Virginis Mariae, the Luminous Mysteries.  Both 15 decade and 20 Decade Ladder Rosaries can be purchased from Benedict’s Beads on a made to order basis.  The prices … Continue reading 15 and 20 Decade Rosaries


Here you can find pictures of our newest rosaries.  In our Gallery, you will find a large number of pictures of finished rosaries that we have completed in the past.  These can be a help if you’re not sure how a certain part or a bead will look on a rosary.


Rosaries made by Benedict’s Beads or our former business, Mediatrix Rosaries, are guaranteed to be strong and reliable, having been make with high quality parts and skilled hands.  Should a rosary break, however, we will repair the rosary free of charge.  Simply mail the rosary with all the remaining parts and payment for return shipping … Continue reading Guarantee

Donate Your Rosaries

If you have a broken rosary and don’t plan on using it, consider donating it to Benedict’s Beads, where it can be very useful in repairing other rosaries.  Your donation can help ensure that someone else can use their rosary for many more years to come.  Any unusable parts will be disposed of appropriately, according … Continue reading Donate Your Rosaries