The Trinity Collection

At the center of the entire Rosary devotion is the adoration of the Holy Trinity in the person of Our Lord.  In it, we reflect upon the great plan of God the Father through the work of the Son and Holy Spirit.  The Church constantly adores and worships God who is Triune in Persons.  The rosaries in this collection focus on devotion to the three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Divine Mercy Rosary

In the early 1930’s a young nun and mystic in Poland named Sr. Faustina began experiencing visions of Jesus.  In these visions, Jesus appeared to her dressed in white and indescribably beautiful, his left hand pulling aside the garment over his heart to reveal red and white rays coming from his side.  His right hand … Continue reading The Divine Mercy Rosary

The Holy Spirit Rosary

The Holy Spirit, being the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, is coeternal and coequal with the Father and the Son in divinity, majesty, and dignity.  He has been sent to us from the Father through the Son to bring to completion what the Son began in the Incarnation and Crucifixion.  This rosary pays homage … Continue reading The Holy Spirit Rosary

The Sacred Heart Rosary

Recognized as the most prominent devotion to Jesus Christ in the Western Church, devotion to the Sacred Heart first appeared in Benedictine and Cistercian Monasteries in the eleventh or twelfth centuries.  Several famous Benedictines, amongst them St. Mechtilde and St. Gertrude, were specially devoted to the Sacred Heart.  The devotion gained a greater prominence due … Continue reading The Sacred Heart Rosary