The First Communion Rosary


A person’s First Communion is an incredibly memorable and beautiful time.  There are few better gifts to give to first communicants than a rosary.  It’s not unusual for someone to keep their First Communion rosary for years or even for a lifetime.  Make your gift memorable by gifting one our beautiful First Communion Ladder Rosaries!  Our First communion rosaries are given the classic black or white for boys or for girls.  Our model First Communion rosary incorporates the Grapes Crucifix (signifying the wine that becomes the Precious Blood at the Consecration) and our special First Communion centers pictured to the right.  The top center is the First Communion Angels Center and the bottom is the First Communion Chalice center.  There is also the option to choose other centerpieces and add the Eucharist charm 74aaa80e-14d5-4e59-be17-07bc4fa65d5for medals that we offer.  Our rosaries are incredibly durable and eye catching.  They will quickly become favorites of those that you gift them to and will encourage them to pray with them. To order these rosaries, fill out the form below.

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Made strong, this rosary comes with our Benedict’s Beads Guarantee.

To order these rosaries, fill out the form below: