The Seasonal Collection

The Church has many seasons to celebrate- seasons during which we are called to enter more deeply into the mystery of Christ.  The Rosary is an excellent aid in doing this.  The rosaries in this collection are meant to reflect the spirit of the seasons and special moments in the Church including the reception of the sacraments.  These rosaries, however, can be used year round to reflect on those mysteries that each season spends a particular time reflecting upon.

The Advent Rosary

Advent is a time to reflect upon the coming of Christ at Christmas and to remind us of our eager longing for the Second Coming of Christ.  The Advent Rosary is meant to help in fostering this longing. Faceted Amethyst purple czech glass beads with Faced Rose czech glass beads call to mind the wreath … Continue reading The Advent Rosary

The Christmas Rosary

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ among family and friends.  We remember that quiet, peaceful night, in which the Creator of the Universe humbled himself and allowed himself to be born in a stable, and attended to by Mary, St. Joseph, some poor shepherds, and wise men from the East.   There … Continue reading The Christmas Rosary

The Lenten Rosary

Lent is the traditional period of 40 days of fasting and preparation leading up to Holy Week.

The First Communion Rosary

A person’s First Communion is an incredibly memorable and beautiful time.  There are few better gifts to give to first communicants than a rosary.  It’s not unusual for someone to keep their First Communion rosary for years or even for a lifetime.  Make your gift memorable by gifting one our beautiful First Communion Ladder Rosaries!  … Continue reading The First Communion Rosary