The Order of Saint Benedict Collection

These rosaries convey a strong connection with the Order of St. Benedict, the oldest of all religious orders.  Below you will find many different types of rosaries that are united by a single a theme that has been a hallmark of Benedictine Life- devotion and reliance on St. Benedict and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Black Benedictine Rosary

Keeping it simple, this is our classic Benedictine rosary complete with a Benedictine Medal centerpiece and Black Benedictine crucifix.  It comes in either druk (round) or faceted beads, depending on your preference.  Great as a boy’s First Communion Rosary or just a general man’s rosary, its simple elegance is hard to match. To order this … Continue reading The Black Benedictine Rosary

The White Benedictine Rosary

 Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ, and may he bring us all together to everlasting life. Rule of St. Benedict 72:11-12 This is our classic white Benedictine Rosary, made with White Glass Pearls, a St. Benedict Medal centerpiece, and a silver Benedictine crucifix. Great as a girl’s First Communion Rosary or just a general lady’s … Continue reading The White Benedictine Rosary

The Raven Rosary

This rosary incorporates the school colors of Red and Black for Benedictine College.  Made with Black Czech Glass for the decades and Garnet Red beads for the Our Fathers, this rosary calls to mind one of the greatest Benedictine schools in the country- Benedictine College.  Benedictine College was the joined effort of the monks of … Continue reading The Raven Rosary