Pre-Designed Rosaries

Don’t know what to choose?  Perhaps we can help!  We have many pre-designed rosaries to choose from that focus on a certain theme in its color choice, centerpiece, medal, and crucifix.  There are many to choose from from many different collections.  Click on the different links to see a description and examples of each type of rosary.  When you are ready to make your purchase, click here. 


The Trinity Collection

At the center of the entire Rosary devotion is the adoration of the Holy Trinity in the person of Our Lord.  In it, we reflect upon the great plan of God the Father through the work of the Son and Holy Spirit.  The Church constantly adores and worships God who is Triune in Persons.  The … Continue reading The Trinity Collection

The Order of Saint Benedict Collection

These rosaries convey a strong connection with the Order of St. Benedict, the oldest of all religious orders.  Below you will find many different types of rosaries that are united by a single a theme that has been a hallmark of Benedictine Life- devotion and reliance on St. Benedict and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Saints Collection

The calling of every person is to be a saint.  Saints point the way to Christ, encourage us to greater devotion, intercede for our needs, and help us in troubles.   The rosaries in this collection have been designed to emphasize devotion to a particular saint. To see St. Benedict rosaries, view our Order of … Continue reading The Saints Collection