Here you can find pictures of our newest rosaries.  In our Gallery, you will find a large number of pictures of finished rosaries that we have completed in the past.  These can be a help if you’re not sure how a certain part or a bead will look on a rosary.

5 Decade Rosary Gallery

All of these rosaries can be ordered via the Pre-Designed Rosaries or Build A Rosary page.  Check back often for more updates!

“Ladderizations” Gallery

Below are our “Ladderizations” or old rosaries that have had their parts remade as a Ladder Rosary.  Because each rosary that has come to us for this purpose is unique, few of these can be replicated since they involve parts that we do not stock.  This does, however, make the completely unique and especially beautiful. … Continue reading “Ladderizations” Gallery

Rosary Bracelet Gallery

Below are our rosary bracelets.  All of these can be made again by going to the Rosary Bracelet page.

“Tenner” Rosary Gallery

All rosaries featured in this gallery can be remade for order.  To place an order for a Tenner rosary, visit our Tenner Rosary page.

Chaplet Gallery

Below are pictured many variations of our chaplets as ordered by customers.  All of these can be replicated and ordered by going to our Chaplets page.