Franciscan Crown Rosary

This chaplet, also known as the Seraphic Rosary, is a rosary with seven decades honoring the seven joys of Mary.  The seven joys of Mary are

1) The Annunciation
2) The Visitation
3) The Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ
4) The Adoration of the Magi
5) The Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple
6) The Appearance of Christ to Mary after the Resurrection
7) The Assumption and Coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven

The rosary begins simply by stating the first mystery and praying one Our Father and ten Hail Mary’s while reflecting on the mystery.  One can add the Glory Be and Fatima prayer as they wish.   At the end, it is customary to pray two Hail Mary’s to bring the number to 72, the number of years that one tradition says Mary lived.  One finishes by praying one Our Father and One Hail Mary for the intentions of the Pope.

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