At Benedict’s Beads we make many different chaplets our beautiful ladder style.  You can see our selection below and read about the prayers that make up each chaplet.  We can also make almost any type of chaplet you could wish, though if it requires medals it will depend on whether we can get the materials to make it for you.  Don’t fear though!  If you don’t see the chaplet you hoped for, click on the link for Request a Chaplet to commission the making of a special chaplet.

Brigittine Crown

Known as the Brigittine Crown Chaplet or Carmelite Rosary, this chaplet is simply a normal rosary with six decades instead of five.  The mysteries are the same, except a mystery is added to each group of mysteries.  They are as follows: The Joyful Mysteries 1.  The Immaculate Conception 2.  The Annunciation 3.  The Visitation 4.  … Continue reading Brigittine Crown

St. Joseph Chaplet

The chaplet of Saint Joseph rosary is divided into fifteen groups of four beads consisting of one white and three purple beads. On the white bead, which symbolizes Saint Joseph’s purity, announce one of the mysteries of the Rosary, and say two Hail Marys on that bead. On the purple bead, which symbolizes his saintly … Continue reading St. Joseph Chaplet

St. Michael Chaplet

This chaplet traces its history to the visions of Servant of God Antonia d’Astona.  St. Michael  told Antonia to honor him by nine salutations to the nine Choirs of Angels. St. Michael promised that whoever would practice this devotion in his honor would have, when approaching Holy Communion, an escort of nine angels chosen from each of … Continue reading St. Michael Chaplet

Sacred Heart Chaplet

The Chaplet of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has 33 red beads, separated into five groups of six, to represent the years of Jesus’ life.  The chaplet also has a centerpiece, which is usually the Heart of Jesus center, a Sacred Heart Medal, and a crucifix.  The Chaplet is prayed as follows. Begin with the … Continue reading Sacred Heart Chaplet

Franciscan Crown Rosary

This chaplet, also known as the Seraphic Rosary, is a rosary with seven decades honoring the seven joys of Mary.  The seven joys of Mary are 1) The Annunciation 2) The Visitation 3) The Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ 4) The Adoration of the Magi 5) The Finding of the Child Jesus in the … Continue reading Franciscan Crown Rosary

Seven Sorrows Chaplet

The Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows is made up of 7 groups of of seven beads, with a medal for each depicting each of Mary’s Seven Sorrows.  It originated in the thirteenth century with the Seven Founders of the Servite Order and is also known as the Servite Rosary.  Our Lady of Kibeho, a Church-approved … Continue reading Seven Sorrows Chaplet

Stations of the Cross Chaplet

According to Tradition, the Stations of the Cross derived from the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary who, year after year on Good Friday, would walk the route through Jerusalem that Jesus walked on the way to Golgotha, pausing to remember what happened at each station.  Early Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land began walking … Continue reading Stations of the Cross Chaplet

Request a Chaplet

If you would like to order a chaplet that we don’t currently offer, there’s a chance we can make it for you.  Please fill out the request form and we will do the necessary research to see if it is possible. Thank you!  We will be contacting you shortly on your request!