Build A Rosary

Benedict’s Beads takes custom orders for whatever rosary the customer may desire (within reason of course).  With our new expanded inventory, we have 85 types of beads, 23 centerpieces, 43 saint medals, and 23 crucifixes to choose from.  Coupled with the various ways that we can make the rosary, this means there are over a billion ways to get to your perfect ladder rosary.  On the following pages, linked at the bottom, you can build your own rosary and place an order through Benedict’s Beads.  Simply find what you like, fill out the order form on the Place Your Order page and submit.  If you have any questions about the ordering process or would like something not offered here, please contact me at

Please note: Some beads are more expensive and determine the overall cost of the rosary.  Before placing your order, please be sure of the pricing on the particular type of bead you would like, which can be found in the Description of the picture.  Please also check the sizes of the crucifix and centerpieces before you order to avoid a rosary with a tiny centerpiece and an enormous crucifix (or vice versa) or a rosary type that won’t work well with large parts such as putting a 2 inch Celtic Crucifix on a rosary bracelet.  These will all include a size rank of Extra Small (1 inch or smaller), Small (1.5 in), Medium (1.75 in), and Large (2 in or larger).  If the center and crucifix don’t match well on size, this will be included in the confirmation email.


Here is where the price is largely determined.  On each bead’s description, you will find the price of the rosary that you want. Glass ($70.00) Semi-Precious Stone We determine our prices by subtracting the average cost of normal czech glass from the cost of semi-precious stone and simply add it to the normal price of … Continue reading Beads


These are the centerpieces that we currently offer for our rosaries.  In the description of each center is a size, from Extra Small (XS) to Extra Large (XL).  This is to help in choosing a crucifix, which have all been labeled as well.   It is recommended that in pairing a crucifix or a center, … Continue reading Centerpieces


These are the current crucifix choices that we offer for our custom made rosaries.  All crucifixes have been given a size from Extra Small (XS) to Extra Large (XL) to help get an idea of size.  We have also rated the centerpieces accordingly so as to ensure a good match.  It is best that when … Continue reading Crucifixes


This is our selection of medals which we attach to your rosary.  They hang on a chain just below the centerpiece and will always hang away free from where your hands are.  It is completely optional to attach a medal and there is no extra cost.