Scriptural Rosary

The Rosary is a meditation on the scriptures, particularly on the events that happened in the lives of Jesus and Mary.  While the scriptures are not needed to pray the rosary, they are a great help, especially since they allow a slower and more prayerful reading of the events in question.  Scripture is far from a dead letter.  It is a living message that constantly strikes the open heart every time it is read.  Reading the scriptures while praying the rosary dusts off the memory, makes the event present, and provides new insights into the mystery being considered.  The scriptural rosaries presented below, composed by Br. Benedict Mary, take a verse or two at a time, encouraging the reader to ponder slowly all these events with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Please note: These pages are still under construction.

The Joyful Mysteries

Prayed on Mondays, Saturdays, Sundays in Advent and Christmas The Joyful Mysteries recall the early years of Jesus’ life, from the Annunciation to the Finding in the Temple.  They tend to be marked with a sense of great joy- Gabriel joyfully brings the message to Mary, John the Baptist leaps in his mother’s womb, the … Continue reading The Joyful Mysteries

The Luminous Mysteries

Prayed on Thursdays and Sundays in Ordinary Time after Theophany until Lent The Luminous Mysteries, introduced by Pope St. John Paul II in 2002, recall the major events of Jesus’ public ministry and especially focus on the theme of light.  Light shines from the heavens at Jesus’ baptism, the apostles begin to understand who Jesus … Continue reading The Luminous Mysteries

The Sorrowful Mysteries

Prayed on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays during Lent These mysteries recall the Lord’s Passion and Death and are decidedly marked by a tone of Sorrow- sorrow for what was done to Jesus, and sorrow for our sins.  In them, Jesus prays earnestly to the Father to surrender his will and undergo the Crucifixion, where he … Continue reading The Sorrowful Mysteries

The Glorious Mysteries

Prayed on Wednesdays, Sundays during Easter, and Sundays in Ordinary Time after Easter until Advent These mysteries recall the major events from the Resurrection of Jesus to the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  They are marked with a tone of present and coming glory: Jesus rises after three days in the Tomb, Jesus ascends to … Continue reading The Glorious Mysteries