Divine Mercy Rosary (Pearl)

In the 1920’s and 1930’s, Jesus began to appear to a young Polish nun named Sr. Faustina.  He spoke of his mercy, and how he longed to pour it forth upon the earth before the last judgment.  He encouraged her ceaselessly to promote and make known his mercy, that sinners may be saved.  He did this through the image of Divine Mercy and through the Divine Mercy Chaplet, which can be prayed on a rosary.

This rosary reflects the message of Divine Mercy.  The white pearl glass beads represent the water that poured from Christ’s heart on the Cross and the white rays that come from his heart in the Divine Mercy image.  The red garnet glass beads represent the blood and red rays respectively.  The centerpiece has Pope St. John Paul II’s coat of arms upon it and the crucifix is a Papal Crucifix.  This is to honor St. John Paul’s efforts in promoting Mercy, especially in promoting the cause of canonization for St. Faustina as a bishop and later canonizing her as pope.  John Paul II also established the Feast of Divine Mercy, which falls on the Sunday after Easter Sunday, the day on which he also died and was canonized.

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