We’re on hold!

Due to the great generosity of so many Benedict’s Beads has had a flood of orders coming in and, since this rosary business is run by one monk, Br. Benedict is snowed under.  He has decided for the next few weeks, to suspend the order pages until he can catch up.  We are sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause.  If you have an order that is pressing, please email benedictsbeads@kansasmonks.org.

God bless!

We’re getting full!

As Christmas approaches, the number of orders that we get has skyrocketed.  Thank you so much for your interest in Benedict’s Beads and in monk-made rosaries.

This rosary business is run by a single monk- Br. Benedict- and so rosaries can only be made one at a time.  In addition to his normal duties as a monk, Br. Benedict also has three other jobs that has responsibility for- working with the Legion of Mary on campus, taking classes, and assistant sacristan- all of which are also getting busier and which he can not neglect.  While he is doing all that he can to be sure that your orders will make it to you on time, we can’t guarantee that any orders placed after today will make it by Christmas day (though we think we can make it by the end of the Christmas season).

We wish you a very fruitful Advent and a Merry Christmas!

Benedict’s Beads

Sacred Heart Sale!

We are currently hosting a Sacred Heart Sale, going through tomorrow the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart.  We are currently offering $10.00 off of our custom made rosaries when you order a rosary with one of our many Sacred Heart Centerpieces!  We are also offering $10 off of our Sacred Heart Chaplets!  If you have never heard of this beautifully simple but profound prayer, please view our description page.  See the pictures of the chaplet below.  Click here to see our selection of centerpieces.  Get it before the sale ends!

Ready to Ship Rosaries!

Every once in a while, the number of orders slows down, Br. Benedict catches up, and he gets the opportunity to make a rosary simply for the fun of it.  These rosaries often make it down to our Abbey gift shop, but we now have them available here on BenedictsBeads.com!  We are happy to introduce Ready-to-Ship Rosaries, where you can browse the rosaries that we currently have completed and on hand.  These rosaries will ship in 1 business day, which guarantees that you can have it much sooner!  Enjoy our selection and keep checking back to see what Br. Benedict has been up to!

Mini-Rosaries now available!

Do you like super small rosaries?  Ever wanted a small Ladder Rosary?  We now have them available!  Introducing our super tiny, elegantly beautiful, and very handy Mini-Rosaries!  These rosaries are made with 4mm beads, which makes them significantly smaller than our normal 6mm rosaries that we offer throughout the store.  Just check out the comparison!


You may be thinking, aren’t those too small for my fingers?  Surprisingly, no.  Br. Benedict has been carefully testing them and has found them just as usable as a normal rosary’s beads.

These rosaries can be ordered in Black, Garnet Red, Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue, White Pearl, or any combination of those that you can think of!  Be sure to order yours today!

New Rosary Page available!

Benedict’s Beads is not simply a rosary business but an apostolate of St. Benedict’s Abbey.  We wish to encourage anyone to come to God through his Blessed Mother in this beautiful devotion.  This is reflected in the new section entitled “The Holy Rosary” under our “About” tab.  In this section of our website, we have given many resources to help and encourage those who visit our website to discover to discover and learn how to pray the Rosary in an especially meaningful way.  It is my wish that this section of our website can become a resource to be shared or referred to.  We have included in this section of our Website the following categories:

The History of the Rosary

How to Pray the Rosary

A List of the Mysteries of the Rosary

A Scriptural Rosary (currently under construction)

Testimonies of the Saints on the Power of the Rosary

The Fifteen Promises of Mary to those who Pray the Rosary

We hope you enjoy, and keep praying!

Welcome to My New Blog!

Welcome!  This blog has been created due to an overflow from my other blog, The Slave of the Immaculate.  I found myself writing more on Benedict’s Beads than on other posts and found that the tabs were getting too long and focused on Benedict’s Beads, so I thought it would be appropriate to move it all to a new blog, hence the reason for being here.  Currently, this site is under construction and none of the followers from my other blogs know about this just yet.  It will soon be linked from The Slave of the Immaculate when I have finished all the editing and arranging.  Please feel free to browse, especially our online store.  By purchasing a rosary, you help to promote the mission and purpose of St. Benedict’s Abbey as we continue to teach, provide spiritual nourishment and support to our nationally renowned apostolate Benedictine College, our high school, grade school, and surrounding parishes.

Br. Benedict