New Rosary Page available!

Benedict’s Beads is not simply a rosary business but an apostolate of St. Benedict’s Abbey.  We wish to encourage anyone to come to God through his Blessed Mother in this beautiful devotion.  This is reflected in the new section entitled “The Holy Rosary” under our “About” tab.  In this section of our website, we have given many resources to help and encourage those who visit our website to discover to discover and learn how to pray the Rosary in an especially meaningful way.  It is my wish that this section of our website can become a resource to be shared or referred to.  We have included in this section of our Website the following categories:

The History of the Rosary

How to Pray the Rosary

A List of the Mysteries of the Rosary

A Scriptural Rosary (currently under construction)

Testimonies of the Saints on the Power of the Rosary

The Fifteen Promises of Mary to those who Pray the Rosary

We hope you enjoy, and keep praying!

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