Welcome to My New Blog!

Welcome!  This blog has been created due to an overflow from my other blog, The Slave of the Immaculate.  I found myself writing more on Benedict’s Beads than on other posts and found that the tabs were getting too long and focused on Benedict’s Beads, so I thought it would be appropriate to move it all to a new blog, hence the reason for being here.  Currently, this site is under construction and none of the followers from my other blogs know about this just yet.  It will soon be linked from The Slave of the Immaculate when I have finished all the editing and arranging.  Please feel free to browse, especially our online store.  By purchasing a rosary, you help to promote the mission and purpose of St. Benedict’s Abbey as we continue to teach, provide spiritual nourishment and support to our nationally renowned apostolate Benedictine College, our high school, grade school, and surrounding parishes.

Br. Benedict